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We find Darryl and Harry, out for a good day fishing, when all of a sudden... a fleet of pirates invade! Its a mad dash for safety as our sailors flail around from manning the engine to getting the cannonballs off the boat! 

Can you survive the chaos!? Try it out with a friend in our local multiplayer!

A Game By:

Ryan Ruth (Taachi)

Pascal Fillion

UPDATES COMING ( Game best balanced for 2 players right now)

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and run the .EXE !!!


UnfortunateSailors(WIN).zip 26 MB


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Simple idea executed pretty darn well in a short time, I can see this game being a blast to play local co-op! Nice job!

cute little game !


Thanks! ^^ aha you should check out my one from the game jam i did last weekend aha I think its rather hilarious too :P its called Stay Saved!